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Powermaths is country’s fastest growing Education Academy is designed to boost brain power and stimulates young minds using our specialized courses like Abacus, Vedic Mathematics, Without memorizing Learn Tables up to 99 to the students with understanding conceptual bases. The Moto of Powermaths is to develop numerical skills and speed with accuracy of the students’. As we know the role of ‘play’ in a child’s life, we implement playful methods in our lessons, so as to make them into effective learning.

Powermaths through its various programs is committed to raise children to be champions of challenge anywhere in this competitive world. We wish to prepare the gen-next for the challenges of a hugely competitive world. Our courses are specially designed to cater the needs of school going kids in the age group of 4 to 14 years of age.

Why Powermaths?

  • Powermaths covers all required subjects under one roof. The Moto behind it is to develop a child in all. There is no need to run behind everywhere.
  • We teach them according to their age, need, likings.
  • All books designed according to students’ age. Every lesson teaches new step & method. That results students eagerly wait for next class.
  • In Vedic maths we have 6 levels which cover maximum methods required. No other company have this much curriculum.
  • Vedic Maths is syllabus designed according to usefulness in competitive exams.
  • In learning without memorising Tables up to 99 we invented easy method which helps in regular studies and build confidence of maths.
  • The main aim of our company is not to complete the level of a student in a specific period; it should be flexible as per grasping of a child. It may vary according to student’s perfection in the subject.
  • We take teachers not only by their qualification but how they are willing to teach kids as a passion.
  • Anyone can join the class any time. No need to wait for new batch formation.
  • In Powermaths, every child gets personal attention. This results confidence of a child.